Classic Wow is closing its doors on Monday.

The forum was created in 1999 and hosted a forum for fans of the classic Broncos and the NRL.

It was shut down following a major breach by a disgruntled customer who claimed the forum had been compromised by the company’s former chief executive, Craig Bellamy.

Mr Bellamy has since denied the claims.

Broncos fans and other users who use the Classic Wow forum to discuss the game will no longer be able to use it for any other reason.

Topics:bulldogs-football,sports,nrl,fiji,melbourne-3000,vic source News21 title Broncos fans react to news of Classic Wow closing source News22 title Broncos players, coaches, staff gather in Melbourne to commemorate legacy of Classic WoT article The Broncos have released a statement on their website saying the forum has been closed on Monday due to an ongoing internal investigation.

The statement read:”The Broncos Football Club would like to thank the Broncos community for its continued support over the years.

The club wishes to reiterate that the closure of Classic wow is the result of an ongoing investigation by the Broncos and we apologise to our loyal customers for any inconvenience caused.”

It added that Classic wow has been a forum of great importance for Broncos fans for many years and that it will remain a forum until its closure.

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