Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay has made it clear he’s not happy with his team’s struggles, and that has led to a series of negative comments about the team and the team’s players, according to multiple sources.

The team has been the target of backlash on social media, including death threats, in recent days, as players and coaches voiced their discontent about Irsalays inability to turn around a season in which the Colts have been one of the NFL’s best teams and in which quarterback Andrew Luck and running back Frank Gore have been critical to the team.

One source close to the situation said the comments have caused Irsays anger.

The Colts have lost six straight games and were 0-4 in the AFC North with an 11-4 record at the time of the tweets.

The tweets have also prompted some players to tweet about Ira saying he’d be happy to take down the team if it means he gets to win, as he has done in the past.

Irsamays team has struggled mightily this season and the Colts are on pace to drop to 1-5, the worst record in the league.

Ira has a history of making disparaging remarks about his team, including last season when he said they weren’t “good enough.”

It appears the comments from Irsa were the first of many from the franchise owner in recent weeks, as it appears he is upset about the way things have played out for his franchise and the players, as well as the lack of response from the team from fans, according of multiple sources with knowledge of the situation.

Ires team is not only the league’s worst team, but the league worst in the playoffs as well, according the source.

That has caused Ira to feel compelled to act, as his frustration is growing.

It also has been fueling some of his most aggressive comments.

I’m not happy about the outcome, he told reporters during a press conference on Monday, according and others.

But the NFL needs to do something about this.

There’s so much to be unhappy about, this organization, sources said.

One of the sources said Ira was upset because the Colts’ offense, which has been an Achilles heel for the franchise for years, has had to play on the road and have a quarterback who hasn’t played well in the postseason, which is a problem.

Colts quarterback Andrew Brady (7) and running backs James White (12) and Frank Gore (14) celebrate a touchdown in the second quarter against the Pittsburgh Steelers at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana, January 30, 2019.

Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andy Dalton (5) runs with the ball in the first half against the Cincinnati Bengals at Lucas Light Field in Indianapolis.

The Bengals lost 30-24.

I’ve got to do better, Ira said.

And that’s why I am frustrated, sources told The Associated Press.

I think they are trying to make excuses.

I don’t want to be mad at them, but I’m frustrated and I think there is a lot of frustration, especially on the field, the sources added.

That frustration led to an outburst from Colts coach Chuck Pagano on Monday.

Pagano said he was not upset with Ira, but that he did not like the way the Colts played.

The two men have not spoken since.

Colts coach Jay Gruden, a former NFL quarterback and general manager, also said he wasn’t upset with Pagano, saying the team needs to be a better team.

I am not angry at Jim.

I would say, if you were going to talk to me, I’d say, you know, this is the team that wins championships.

He said the team needed to win a lot more games.

Pagana said on Monday that he does not like how the Colts play the game and that he believes it is more important to win.

Pagan, 49, who is also an executive with the NFL Players Association, said that he was upset by what he viewed as Irsaid comments and he was unhappy that the team was not playing well.

He also said that the Colts needed to get more pressure on Luck and Gore, who are the team leaders.

“The fact that he said something like that, I don of course, I’m really not, and I don to that.

And I am really not upset, I am disappointed,” Pagano told reporters after practice.

“We have to continue to get better every day and it’s up to us to do it.”

The Colts, who were 10-4 when Luck and the offense were great, are 8-10 since Luck was traded to the Indianapolis Titans on Dec. 15.

The Titans were a mess in 2015, and they are now 10-6 after a 3-3 start.

The NFL has suspended Pagano for a year and fined him $2.5 million for his role in the 2015 season-ending trade.