Posted September 09, 2018 09:10:16 Ive been thinking a lot lately about my gun purchasing.

When I first got married, I had an issue with guns.

I bought a .45 and .357.

I didnt like the sound of the .45, I didnt know what it could do.

I couldnt understand how someone could want a .357 magnum.

So, my husband and I talked about getting a gun.

And I didnt want to wait.

Ive had that same issue for years.

Ive also been thinking about the purchase of a gun for a while now.

When youve got that big decision, youve gotta make sure youve bought the right gun.

I’ve heard the saying, “The best gun is the gun you dont have”.

So, as much as I would love to get a .40 S&W or .357, I cant.

I dont have the budget.

I cant afford the gun.

I know its a hassle to get the paperwork in place, and then it takes a lot of time and money to get it on the books.

And you cant have it registered, or youll need to go through a bunch of hoops.

So Ive always been concerned about the gun I could get.

The other day, I was at the gun show, and I noticed a couple of guns that looked very nice, and thought, “well, I may as well get a couple more”.

So I picked up the one I saw there, and went out and bought it.

The gun looks pretty good.

It’s got a good finish.

I think its a .30-06, and a nice grip.

But it doesnt have a trigger lock.

So what am I going to do?

Ive always said, I dont need a .380.

I have my .38, my .40, my 9mm, and my 9 mm subsonic.

I always carry a revolver, and the handgun Ive bought over the years has always been my .45.

I dont have a lot to say about the .40S&W.

It is a nice, well made gun.

It shoots nice.

It has some nice sights.

It looks good.

But I dont want to buy that gun.

That gun isnt for me.

Ive heard the claim that, “a .380 makes a better gun than a .35, and .380s make better pistols than .40s”.

Well, you can have both.

And for me, that gun is a .36.

It feels like a nice little revolver.

It doesnt feel like a .38.

And a .37 feels like it has a little more power.

But its just a .32.

And the .36 feels like an amazing little gun.

But the .37 doesnt have the kind of recoil that I love, so its not for me for hunting.

And it doesnt look that good, either.

So for me the .38 is my best gun, because its my favorite gun.

A good revolver has recoil that is very controlled, and it doesnt kick up as much.

It just feels solid, and easy to control.

So when I shoot a deer, I feel like its in control of the gun, and thats a great feeling.

When youve already got a .22, a .23, or a .24, it feels nice.

Its comfortable to shoot.

Its light and easy for a shooter to carry.

And when youre shooting, you dont want the recoil to make your gun feel heavy.

So that gun can be very nice to hold.

And that is the way Ive felt about the 9mm.

I love it.

It takes good aim, and has great feel.

And its light, and you dont feel like youre carrying a heavy weapon.

It feels like your in control.

You cant hit someone with it, and if you do, you cant shoot them back.

But thats not the way you want your gun to feel.

So youll want to go with a good pistol.

But a good revolver is a better revolver.

If youre hunting deer, youll like the 9×19.

Its easy to hold, and its quiet.

And if youre going hunting, you wont want to shoot it.

Its just not a great gun.

Its not a bad gun.

The .357 isnt my favorite handgun.

Itsnt the most powerful gun.

Youll get used to it.

But for hunting, its a great choice.

And thats why Ive purchased my 9×18.

And my 9m works great for hunting too.

Its a great pistol.

Its lightweight and easy on the pocket.

Its great for long range shooting, and quick to reload.

Its a great handgun.

And when youve really got a gun that works for you