Posted November 08, 2018 09:19:56 The Lions were quick to respond to the comments made by their offensive line coach after their Week 8 win over the Browns, and coach Jim Schwartz has taken a few shots at the defensive line.

Here’s what he had to say in the locker room: “You know, this is what we did against Cincinnati, this was what we were going to do against Atlanta, this thing is getting out of hand, it’s not just that they were giving us too much pressure.

It was the fact that we got hit, it was the defensive players that were hitting us.

We had our backs up to stop those guys and we had our linemen on them, and that’s when they started hitting.

They knew what was coming. “

The guys were hitting each other.

They knew what was coming.

We knew what the hell was going on.

If you let it get to your head, you’re going to let it hurt, man.” “

You can’t let your guard down.

If you let it get to your head, you’re going to let it hurt, man.”

Schwartz went on to describe the play of their defensive tackles as a “little too aggressive” and the Lions’ defense as “getting hit too hard.”

“They didn’t take the hits like we were supposed to.

You know, we had three guys out there, one of the guys was getting hit, one was coming at me, one one was running at me and one of them was pushing me.

And they just kept going, and they were hitting and they kept going.

And that was on our defensive line, so we had to figure out a way to stop that.

And we did.”