Vegas is set to get another round of gambling, with poker chips expected to go on sale as early as Monday.

The poker chip forums on Indian gaming sites have already seen huge demand from Indian players looking to make a quick buck on the big screen, with the site showing huge growth in recent weeks.

Poker chips are not the only games that have been up in the air, with Chinese gambling sites like WeChat’s LiveTV showing huge demand for the games and the online poker app PokerStars taking a huge hit from the latest US ban.

A betting site called BetOnline India, which has seen a surge in activity since US President Donald Trump imposed a temporary ban on gambling on social media on Friday, says it will be ready for poker chips to hit the streets soon.

“It is a game where you are trying to get big money out of your pocket and it is a bit of a gamble.

I am sure that the demand is going to come and we are going to see some of our users get excited about it,” said founder and managing director of BetOnlineIndia, Amit Gupta.

He said he expects that demand for poker chip will reach 100 per cent by the end of this week.

The move has seen Indian players rushing to start depositing their chips on the betting sites as the US ban on online gambling remains in place.

The gambling market in India has been booming in recent years, with betting revenues growing by an average of 25 per cent a year.

As of the end August, the country had seen over $100 billion of bets on poker chips.

Poker chip betting has been available on online poker apps like BetOnline, which was launched last year and allows Indian players to play online poker games in the comfort of their own homes.

India has also become a major gaming market in China, with online gambling also popular there.

Chinese casinos are also increasingly focusing on the lucrative Asian market as they seek to attract more Chinese players.

Chinese gaming websites such as WeChat, where the company also operates LiveTV, have seen a huge rise in activity over the past year, with daily volume climbing to over 20 million bets in the past five days.

WeChat has more than 5 million daily users and has seen more than 2.6 million daily bets on Indian poker chips in the last 24 hours.

Puneet Chawla, founder and CEO of online gambling platform Bovada, said that poker chips will be one of the first games to be available in India.

“The Indian gaming industry has seen huge growth, with gambling revenue growing by 25 per a year, which is a massive opportunity for Indian players,” he said.

The Indian online poker industry has witnessed a dramatic rise in growth, which may have contributed to the rise in gambling activity in India, said Chawlak.

With poker chips, the gambling market could potentially be worth as much as $150 billion, he added.