Skyblock has signed a deal to acquire the company behind the popular privacy tool SkyBlock.

The acquisition will bring SkyBlock into a wider range of data privacy policies, which will help improve the privacy of all Australians, SkyBlock said in a statement.

The SkyBlock Privacy Suite, Skyblock, SkyDrive and Skyblock Marketplace, which are all part of, will all be part of the new privacy policy in 2018.

Skyblock said it would be offering the privacy suite in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Swedish.

The new SkyBlock privacy suite is based on SkyBlock, which allows users to create and manage privacy settings that can be applied across all of SkyBlock’s products, including SkyDrive.

Users can apply the privacy settings from within SkyDrive, where they can select which data they would like to keep and access, or from Skyblock apps, which can access their data across SkyBlock services.

SkyBlock said the privacy software was developed for users who wanted to keep their personal data private.

“We are very pleased to see SkyBlock as the next company to be part the SkyBlock family of products, which includes SkyDrive Privacy Suite and SkyBlock Marketplace,” SkyBlock CEO Mark Thompson said in the statement.

“SkyBlock Privacy suite is a powerful privacy tool that has helped millions of users around the world.

This partnership will further enhance our ability to provide privacy-focused products to customers around the globe.”

SkyBlock will be launching its privacy suite at the end of 2018, with SkyDrive becoming the default privacy product, followed by SkyDrive Marketplace, SkyBlocks Privacy Suite or SkyBlock Suite.