“A lot of the time we would just go in and try to work out how to do the stuff,” he says.

“But it’s like, we can’t just work out the mechanics.

We’re trying to make something that is interesting.”

The Paradoss story takes place in a futuristic world where people are in virtual reality and live and work in a hyper-connected world, where technology has changed and people have become virtual.

“In that world there are people that have lost their minds, and there are other people who are in a similar situation,” says Vile.

“And that’s what drives the story of the Paradross series.”

Paradors are a team of soldiers who are the first to be created.

“It’s a story about that, and the challenges that come with that,” says Hwang.

“You can see the Paravatar in the game, but there are so many other characters in the story that it’s hard to see them all.”

Paravatars are able to create their own versions of the world.

“They have a different world, a different way of living, and it’s a little bit harder to interact with other people.

They’re kind of like a sort of super-powered version of themselves.”

Hwang also says that he’s been thinking about what kind of content Paradore might have, especially in VR.

“We’ve never really thought about VR as a whole, or even as a genre of games,” he explains.

“VR is kind of a little weird, right?

VR is like the only genre that doesn’t have a proper name.

There’s no real genre that we can call Paradored.”

The idea of a Paradorn has always been intriguing.

“I think VR was kind of born in a moment where people were just like, ‘Oh, okay, we need a new genre to explore,'” says Hwan.

“A new genre that didn’t exist before.

VR is kind.

But I think VR is just starting to emerge from that.”