A new Lexus model is about to enter the limelight.

A new model that’s being called the XLEX is slated to hit the market next year, according to Lexus North America.

The XLE is essentially a Lexus XLE.

It will get a new body style and a new grille, and it will get an all-new interior with LED headlights, a more sporty look, and the same kind of sporty styling and materials that we’ve been known to love from the X-type lineup.

But Lexus isn’t going to offer up all the details on the X12 yet.

Lexus announced that the XLS will get some other updates, but it won’t be the same XLS that we know and love today.

Lexis’ new XLE has been in development for a few years now, but the company is now finally bringing it to market.

The new XLS is said to come with a new engine, but Lexus hasn’t said exactly how that will work.

The company is also going to get rid of some of the XSE models’ suspension and handling.

We’re told the new XLX will have a sportier handling, which could mean that it’ll feel a bit more like the X8 sedan than the XS sedan we’ve seen so far.

The biggest surprise for us, though, is the name of the new model.

We have a lot of speculation going around about what the XL is going to be called, but no concrete information on what that means just yet.

The good news is that we won’t have to wait long to find out.

Lexuses XLS debut will be announced in early September at the New York auto show, which starts Friday.