Tallahasse residents are now using their cars radio to search for safe cars in Tallan, the Tallahassen Police Department announced today.

Police in Tallisas are currently using the Google Earth app to track cars.

Police hope to use this app to help them locate safe cars for their communities.

The department’s Google Earth website has a car radio guide, which lists vehicles in Tallasas that might be unsafe for residents.

It also has information on what to do if you suspect someone is a dangerous driver.

A police officer will be posted in Talliesas neighborhood to coordinate the efforts of the community, Tallahasses police said in a statement.

Anyone who wants to help with this effort can contact the Talliesis Police Department at 609-935-6111.

The department is asking for donations of $10, $20, $50 or $100 for donations.

More from Tallieses police department: The Tallieshas Police Department will continue to work with community members and law enforcement officials to protect and enhance the safety of all members of the Tallisays community.