A group of soldiers has posted a list of tips to help the army hide snipers from sniping at them in open areas.

The post by a team of three soldiers, titled ‘The Ag Talk forum’, is posted on a blog that hosts a number of posts from soldiers who are not deployed at the base.

The blog has posted tips for the use of a mask and a gun to get out of an ambush or a sniping position.

The team posted the post at the Ag Talk forums on Thursday.

“This is the AgTalk forum that I am writing about.

The best place to share tips and tricks on AgTalk is at the forums,” one soldier said in the post.

“The best way to get sniped at is by the ambush and it will be difficult to get away from them.

This is the main thing we can use in the area where we are working.

If you are not able to get the ambushes, just get away.”

The team also suggested that the soldiers wear a mask during sniping.

“You should not wear a full face mask during ambushes.

You can wear a light one if you have the time and a mask will not make you vulnerable to being ambushed,” one of the soldiers said.

Another post shared by the team suggests that sniping from the back of the vehicle is a much easier way to avoid being spotted.

“A soldier can use the back seat to hide in as he can take cover and hide in the back.

If he sees a vehicle with a gun mounted on the rear of it, he can use his vehicle to hide behind it.

If the driver of the car is a snipe, the soldier can pull out a pistol from his car and shoot it at the snipe and then get away,” the post reads.

The post was posted on the blog of a soldier who has deployed at Agankot.

The soldier who shared the post on the Agankoti said that the sniping post has been posted to help soldiers.

“I am not a sniper so I cannot share all the tricks I use to avoid sniping in open space, but I can share some tips.

I have been deployed at Army HQ in Agankota and I used to use this trick to avoid a sniper,” he said.

The tip was shared by an army officer.

The soldiers said that while they have no plans to publish the tips in a formal forum, they have posted them on their own blogs.

The Army has asked soldiers to use their posts to share the tips with others.