Bryan Danielsen is not happy with the way WWE has handled its feud with the WWE Network. 

Danielson, who had a long history with the company, wrote an op-ed on Monday detailing how WWE’s decision to cancel its feuds with the Network was wrongheaded. 

“When WWE was creating its own brand, its main goal was to create an independent wrestling entity, and it worked,” Danielsen wrote. 

The WWE Network has not been a success, Danielsen continued. 

Instead of building on its history and creating new products, WWE is trying to use the network as a platform to get more eyeballs, which makes it easier to exploit and manipulate fans. 

In a statement, WWE Network CEO Daniel Bryan defended the network’s decision. 

“[WWE] is proud of our history as a wrestling company and its brand,” Bryan said.

“We believe that this network will continue to grow, as the platform becomes more popular, and as more fans come online.” 

Danish has been feuding with the network for a long time, with Danielsen repeatedly saying that the two wrestlers should be “locked in a cage,” and Danielsen’s feud with him has been nothing but a series of false accusations. 

A year ago, Danielson was fired after telling Danielsen that he “won’t be able to do business with anyone who is not paid to do it.” 

This is not the first time Danielsen has been accused of sexual harassment.

Danielsen accused the wrestler of being “unprofessional,” which was not true. 

However, Danieters claim of being unprofessional is not an issue that can be easily addressed by WWE. 

 “I’m not going to let this go, it is not just me,” Danielson said. 

This was Danielsons second feud with WWE.

He first came into conflict with the wrestler after he called him out for his “lack of talent” and said Danielsen was “going to have to fight me in front of the WWE Universe.” 

In his statement, Bryan Daniels wrote that he believes WWE is “going about this wrong” and that WWE is looking to “get more people to use their platforms to make money.” 

I believe that WWE wants to use this network to get its brand more people use it, so its more profitable. 

There is a need for a wrestling show to be a platform for fans to have fun, not to just sell tickets and pay their bills.