I don’t know.

It’s not that I don, but I’ve only recently discovered it. 2.

It was a gift from my mom and I was in love with it. 3.

It looks great on me. 4.

It seems to be perfect for the summer.


I’ve been trying it on for weeks.


I love it.

If you’re one of those people who really does love yellow, here are some things to consider before you jump into wearing it:1.

What does yellow mean?2.

How does it feel to wear yellow on your face?3.

Do you need to wear it when you’re at the gym?4.

Does it make you feel more confident?5.

Do it for fun?6.

Does yellow make you look like you don’t love yourself?7.

How long can yellow last?8.

Does the yellow help your skin?9.

Is there any color to it?10.

Can you get yellow on a face like mine?11.

Does that make you want to go to the gym or get your hair cut like me?12.

Do the tips on yellow make my skin look shiny?13.

Is yellow the best way to wear a red bikini?14.

Is red the best color for a bikini?15.

Do I need to buy a lot of yellow to look like me, or do I just want to look cute?16.

What are some other things that could possibly cause me to fall in love?17.

What color does yellow smell like?18.

Do yellow make me want to get my hair cut?19.

Do there are any other things I need a red-haired friend to help me out with?20.

How do I feel about yellow?21.

Does this make me look like I don�t like myself?22.

Do all yellow make a woman look hot?23.

Do blue and red make a girl look hot??24.

What’s the best shade of yellow for you?25.

Do reds make you sexy?26.

Do they make you blush?27.

Is it normal for women to wear red on their bodies?28.

Does red make me have a body odor?29.

What do you think about yellow on people with acne?30.

Do green and yellow make one look like the other?31.

Is a yellow shirt a good way to look at someone with a sunburn?32.

Do white and yellow look nice on each other?33.

Do black and blue make people look sexy?34.

Do purple and yellow match up?35.

What colors do you love?

If the answers to any of these questions are “yes,” “yes” or “yes but not all the time,” then yellow is the perfect shade for you.

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