Hotwife has become a trend in the past couple of years.

The hotwife is a woman who seeks revenge on her husband in order to earn her keep.

Hotwives use her marital problems and personal problems to get a hot husband to pay for her divorce.

Hotwives, in their quest to win the affection of a man, sometimes resort to blackmail, manipulation and threats.

Hotwife is now seen as a lucrative profession with hundreds of websites.

But hotwives have to beware of becoming a victim of blackmail and abuse.

What is hotwife?

Hotwife, as per the definition, is a prostitute who engages in prostitution.

It is a criminal offence to engage in prostitution in India.

Hotwife is usually married to a man with whom she has a sexual relationship.

The couple has sex every few months and they have a baby together.

The baby is usually born in a hospital.

In such cases, hotwife has been known to marry her own baby boy.

Hotwoms often have children.

Hotwoms are often married to other women for the same reason, and this is what makes them vulnerable to abuse.

Hotwatchers can also find themselves living in dangerous conditions.

They are often forced to live in squalid and overcrowded hotels.

Hot werks are frequently trapped in slums and have nowhere to go.

Hotwives have no legal protection from abuse and can be raped and threatened.

They also face the risk of physical assault.

Hot wives have no right to privacy or protection from other women.

They have no rights to seek help from police or health care workers.

Hot wives are often left in a state of panic, because they are constantly being watched and abused by their husbands.

Their desperation for a hot man to pay off their debts makes them seek revenge.

Hotwomen are also vulnerable to blackmail because their husband’s financial problems have been brought to the fore by their infidelity.

Hot wife also faces the risk that their husbands will abuse them again.

The hotwives are the second most popular profession in India, with about 1.3 million registered hotwives in 2016.

They earned about Rs 2.6 crore in 2016, up from Rs 1.7 crore in 2014, according to the Census data.