Posted October 15, 2019 03:21:04 The New York Cosmos will use blockchain to run its online soccer tournament, but it’s not a competition it’s a league.

The New York City Cosmos are the first Major League Soccer team to use a blockchain-powered online competition, which is one of several new initiatives the league announced today that use the technology to connect with fans, sell merchandise and promote the league in the community.

The Cosmos’ partnership with BlockApps, a leading platform for blockchain technology, will give fans the opportunity to play in the online competition against other teams in their own region, and compete for tickets and prizes.

The league will use BlockApps to run a tournament on behalf of the fans, but the tournament will be hosted by a partner, the New York Soccer Development Authority.

The online competition will run on BlockApps for two weeks, before it’s moved to the MLS Cup, which will run from October 22 to November 5.

The tournament will feature 16 teams, and the winners will earn a spot in the inaugural MLS Cup.

“BlockApps is one the leading blockchain platforms that is building the next generation of sports digital platforms,” Cosmos owner and CEO Carlos Slim said in a statement.

“BlockApps’ ability to create a platform for fans to connect, compete and connect in a safe and secure manner, along with its ability to offer innovative solutions for digital sports, has the potential to radically change the way sports are consumed online.”

The Cosmos will play four matches on Blockapps during the tournament, each lasting two hours.

Players can play for $20 or $40 per match, with the option of purchasing a ticket to watch the matches on the blockchain, as well as the chance to play on a team of their choice.

BlockApps has created a platform that enables fans to purchase tickets and games through a smartphone app, and also has a platform where players can purchase merchandise and broadcast live events on social media platforms.

The league has partnered with the company to make the Cosmos online competition even more appealing to fans, with tickets priced at $20 and the ability to purchase a team-branded shirt.

Fans can register with Blockapps to watch their favorite team on Blockapp, and can buy tickets to watch matches on their own time or in advance of their matches.

Players can also buy merchandise from the Cosmos store, with items including a jersey, t-shirt, scarf and soccer socks.

Blockapps has partnered up with the Cosmos to sell its soccer jerseys, with a special block of the Cosmos’ 2017 and 2018 jerseys being available to purchase.

The Cosmos will sell replica kits of their 2018 season jerseys for $30 each, while the jerseys will be available in the block-wide sale at the end of the competition.

In addition to the New Jersey Cosmos, the Cosmos will be playing matches on another brand new league that will use a hybrid blockchain system: the New Orleans MLS.

The MLS has partnered to run the league, and will use Blockchain technology to manage and track ticket sales.

Block Apps, which also handles the league’s digital media, will also be running the league from New Orleans.

The team’s official Twitter account will also use the blockchain-based system.

“The New Orleans and New York MLS leagues will both use Blockapps’ unique blockchain platform to operate their respective leagues,” said Mark Davis, a director at BlockApps.

“This allows us to deliver our teams and players in a highly efficient, secure and seamless way.”

BlockApps and the Cosmos said they plan to use BlockApp’s platform for other upcoming soccer leagues, as they are working to create an even more streamlined, secure experience for fans.

“We have a very strong track record of building and managing blockchain solutions, and we are excited to bring the Cosmos brand to life with Block Apps,” said Mike Hintz, general manager at Block Apps.