If you want to get to know the Eagles’ players better, you’ll need to ask them questions. 

It’s part of the way you learn what it’s like to be a fan, or if you’re the kind of person who likes to talk to people on the phone.

The Eagles’ forums are where you can find answers to all sorts of questions, from who is on the Eagles roster to the status of the quarterback position.

And they’re also a great place to find answers on some of the most important topics on the NFL’s website, such as the Eagles current injury situation and the latest news on the Philadelphia Eagles, which will be in full force on Thursday night. 

Here’s what you need to know about the Eagles forums.1.

Who are the Eagles?2.

Where do they play?3.

What’s the current roster situation?4.

What are the future plans?5.

What do I need to be on the lookout for?6.

How do I contact the Eagles on the internet?7.

Where can I find out more about the NFL?8.

How much does it cost to attend a game?9.

Who is on NFL Network?10.

What can I get out of the Eagles in exchange for my time?11.

Who has a say in the future of the Philadelphia franchise?12.

Who does the Eagles hire?13.

Who will be the Eagles first-round draft pick?14.

How is the NFL in its current state?15.

Where are the other NFL teams?16.

What does the word ‘franchise’ mean?17.

What is the Eagles contract?18.

What kind of deals are available to the Eagles this year?19.

What sort of contracts are currently available?20.

Who controls the Eagles and where does the money come from?21.

Who makes decisions about who is hired to fill a position?22.

How does the NFL salary cap work?23.

Where is the salary cap?24.

What happens if an Eagles player leaves the team?25.

Where does the franchise tag go?26.

Who gets the franchise tax break?27.

Who receives the franchise player tax break and what does it cover?28.

Who can’t be cut from the Eagles but can still be signed?29.

Who earns the franchise-tagged salaries?30.

Who loses the franchise tags?31.

What teams get the franchise rights to a player if they sign him to a contract?32.

How often does the tag come up?33.

Is it possible for a team to sign a player to a one-year contract before the player has even played in the NFL season?34.

How many years are the tag locks?35.

What should I do if I’m not sure if a player is tagged?36.

Is there an NFL player exception?37.

What if I am already a member of the team but I do not wish to join the Eagles for the upcoming season?38.

What will happen if I lose my tag?39.

Who becomes the team’s new general manager?40.

Who decides which of the three team owners are entitled to a share of the franchise’s revenues?41.

How are the franchise players guaranteed to be paid?42.

Who exercises the franchise team option?43.

What guarantees are made in contract negotiations?44.

How long does a player have to sign the franchise tender?45.

Is the franchise contract a written contract?46.

What penalties can be imposed for a player who violates the franchise?47.

How can I sign a free agent?48.

What rights do the Eagles have over the free agents they sign?49.

How far back can I go on my contract before being cut?50.

How close can I be from the cap to the cap?51.

How soon does a contract expire?52.

What responsibilities does a general manager have in negotiating with other teams?53.

How will a player be paid for his playing time?54.

What constitutes a significant contract extension?55.

What about player options?56.

Is a team allowed to cut a player?57.

What type of contract can a player sign?58.

What kinds of player options are there?59.

How would a player’s contract change if the team was to trade him?60.

Who would be the franchise owner of the player?61.

How did the franchise system work in the 1970s?62.

How has the franchise changed in the last 50 years?63.

How should a team determine if a team is a franchise?64.

What information do owners have about their franchise’s salary cap and player compensation?65.

How have the Eagles been able to get away with keeping such a large payroll?66.

What did the Eagles draft in the draft?67.

What player options does the team have in terms of player contract extensions?68.

What sorts of player contracts are available?69.

What types of players are on the